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Laminate Rollers

Crain 333 Extension Wall Roller

This hand roller for vinyl includes three rubber rollers with just the right hardness to produce pressure on the vinyl without scratching and... more info

Gundlach No. J200W White "J" Roller

Gundlach No. J200W White "J" Roller Specially designed for plastic laminate. Gives 30-40 PSI for positive bonding. The 1-1/2"... more info

Gundlach S202 Squeeze Roller

Eliminate costly bonding problems in the critical edge areas on plastic laminate countertops with this roller. Does away with clamping and pounding.... more info

Gundlach V300 Plastic Laminate Pressure Roller

Heavy duty 1/2" diameter steel handle is specially designed and formed for two hand use to provide 40+ PSI maximum pressure. Durable 1-1/2"... more info

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